The Charism

Like Mary with unconditional surrender share in Jesus’ life in the spirit of the gospel and from the communion with Christ to reach out into the world not Known and recognized only by the mark of radiating love.


Apostolate of Christian presence: Ancillae can take up any profession that contributes to the building of the kingdom of God and their unique call as a secular institute is to work in places where the religious by the very nature of their consecration finds it difficult to reach out. According to the needs of the time and place, the members work not only as individuals but also in small groups. The thrust of the apostolate of Ancillae in India is women empowerment that is primarily actualized through their services in the field of education, healthcare and social welfare programmes. Ancillae strives to realize selfless serving love by themselves in different professional and social milieu depending on individual capacities. More than the external works, the mission consist in making Christ present to the world through our personal witness.

Our Community Bond is Strengthened Through

  • Regular group meetings
  • Dialogue and sharing
  • Annual retreats
  • Seminars and gatherings
  • Programs of ongoing formation
  • Community prayers where members live together
  • Feasts and celebrations
  • Personal contacts

Team life

  • The exterior structure of our community is flexible
  • The members are not obliged to live in communities
  • Ancillae can live alone or in small groups
  • We foster independence of single members
  • Allow them to shape their individual lives
  • Help them to live their consecration in their personal style and within the sphere of their social settings and secular engagements
  • But we are a firmly united spiritual community


 KCBC is honouring Ms.Merline Thomas
Ancillae Associates from shillong
 Ancillae Associates from shillong
KCBC is honouring Ms.Merline Thomas